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Tom Stevenson - New York, USA

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James Richards - Wyoming, USA

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Charlie Williams - Chicago, USA

Each has gotten their life back by following this simple, prostate-shrinking 15-second ritual…

It ends up working like magic…

Just imagine not wasting those countless hours of sitting on the toilet, struggling to push out a few painful drops of pee, maintaining a steady stream, or worrying that you’ll be leaking stains on your pants in front of everyone…

What if you could…

Never have to worry about health complications like urinary tract infections, painful bladder stones, aggressive kidney diseases, or, the last resort we all dread: Ending up in diapers…

That’s precisely what this little prostate secret can do for you!

🚽 “Is There A Bathroom Close By?..” 🚽

You know that rushed sense of panic you get when your body tenses up and your skin’s full of goosebumps because you need to pee, but you’ve been holding it in for too long? 

Imagine your bladder inflating like an already too-full balloon, ready to burst at any moment, but when you race to the men’s room to relieve yourself…

NOTHING comes out.

You’re barely squeezing out a few drops and with each release, sharp pulsating pain shoots through you… 

No, that’s NOT a script to your latest horror film. 

This nightmare is lived every single day in REAL life by millions of men across the US… PLUS, the older you get, your chances of getting Prostatis, BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), OR Prostate Cancer dramatically skyrocket! 

That means it’s only a matter of time until these problems begin to play a bigger role in your life… 

Luckily, With THIS, You Can Wave 👋 Goodbye To Your Prostate Nightmares…

Because In the NEXT few minutes, WATCH as I reveal this groundbreaking, inexpensive fix for shrinking your prostate in just a matter of weeks!

And how a desperate attempt to relieve myself became the catalyst for finding this shocking discovery, but first…

Did you know that… 

Dipping Your Manhood In THIS…
Shrinks Your Prostate?

A couple of years ago, my prostate was so swollen, peeing with excruciating pain became a regular part of using the bathroom for me… I felt like I was being tortured.

It got so bad that I was forced to get away from my office where the men’s restroom was placed 20 yards away from my desk and had to instead take a job where I could work from home so I could be where a bathroom was right there, just a few feet away from me.

That way I could always be right next to my toilet whenever it was time to try and squeeze whatever I could get out.

BTW, these painful trips to my toilet happened multiple times per day. (Mostly during the night, making it almost impossible to sleep.)

It wasn’t long before I started to think where this could lead to… 

“Does this mean I have ED? Great, I can barely pee and now this?! 

There’s a reason why guys steer clear away from talking about these kinds of problems… 

Have you ever had to apologize to your significant other for NOT being able to perform or that maybe next time, you two will be able to have some fun… As soon as you get this problem figured out?

It’s hard to describe just how embarrassing and helpless it feels to accept the fact that you may never be able to be intimate with the one you love ever again...

How did this happen?

In contrast, just a few years prior, I felt like I had hit the peak of my physical fitness and  that my health was in amazing shape. The future looked bright… 

But over the next few years, the symptoms gradually started and then suddenly got worse. Before I knew it, it seemed like I was stuck… and in a horrible situation that was taking over my life. 

My career, my relationship with my kids, the activities I enjoy, and especially… My love life.

As my insides felt worse by the day, I put all my faith into doctors: 

  • ❌ I went through the demeaning rectal exams…

  • ❌ Blood and urine tests… 

  • ❌ Throwing my hard-earned money at screenings and detailed analysis…

  • ❌ Hoping and praying something would finally pay off… 

I even had a transrectal ultrasound and a catheter threaded through my urethra to my bladder.

You probably guessed this: It was awful.

But not a single one of the treatments these doctors prescribed really worked for me… 

And when swallowing the fist of pills recommended by the doctor didn’t work, I tried alternative approaches like teas and supplements… Even acupuncture didn’t help.

Heck, you could’ve told me if I rubbed my belly and patted my head at the same time while hopping on one foot and repeated that over and over while singing ritualistic chants could shake this entire prostate thing away… I would’ve done it.

To put it lightly, I was exhausted… I became desperate.

So much so, that I did something completely crazy…

I remember seeing online somewhere on a public forum for guys struggling with BPH, Prostatitis, and Prostate Cancer about an old, unorthodox way for shrinking your prostate and numbing the pain.

Like I said… It was very unorthodox, unconventional, and probably unsafe, so I initially had ignored it.

But, it wasn’t long until I broke.

“Maybe the risk I was afraid of experiencing might just pay off”, I thought to myself…

So I took a bowl, followed the instructions, filled it with the recommended purple warm substance…

And Dipped My Testicles In IT To Shrink My Prostate.

And voila!

I was immediately healed, right?


You’ve probably already guessed what happened next… Absolutely NOTHING. 

Well, there was one thing that happened… I got a terrible rash that lasted for a week! 

It was from that point on that I became determined to find an actual solution… One that wouldn’t cost a fortune to get or wasn’t hard to implement or use.

Because the truth is unless you understand how your prostate works, you’ll never get to the root cause of it OR figure out how to repair it… 

Otherwise, you’re left relying on potentially harmful pharmaceutical strength medications like Alpha-blockers, such as Uroxatral, Cardura, or Flomax, or 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, such as Proscar or Avodart…  

And, dealing with their side effects.

These medications are prescribed to help relax your bladder muscles or shrink your prostate by preventing hormonal changes.

Sadly, these only work temporarily in men with relatively small prostates and side effects include severe dizziness, nausea, and headaches.

Sometimes, your doctor might recommend combined drug therapy which means… 

Combined side effects.

Or maybe they might try to convince you to go through a “minimally invasive surgical therapy”. 

For this, you have to somehow scrape up anywhere from $20,000 to $130,000 dollars and hope for the best… 

Not only are results not guaranteed but they can still leave you prone to complications like:

  • ❌ Semen flowing backward into the bladder instead of out through the penis during ejaculation…

  • ❌ Temporary difficulty with urination and bladder control… 

  • ❌ Bleeding…  

  • ❌ Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)…  

  • ❌ Erectile Dysfunction (ED)…   

Which is why my ears immediately perked up when I had heard that… 

Our friends at Harvard had been doing their homework and what they found is shocking!

Because despite what you’ve been led to believe by doctors or Big Pharma, your prostate becoming enlarged should NOT be a normal part of your aging process… 

In fact, it not only has absolutely nothing to do with your age but as recent studies from Harvard Medical School have shown…

The real cause of prostate enlargement has everything to do with a mineral buildup that is lurking in your urinary system right now…

Coating the walls of your bladder and filling your prostate with toxic, limestone-like deposits that hang heavy, adding constant pressure to your urethra. 

Once you understand exactly what is happening in your body, you can:

  • ✅ Have the power to make sure your bladder no longer controls your life…

  • ✅ Provide the support your kidneys need so you’re not dealing with infections and stones…

  • ✅ Get rid of the constant anxiety and fatigue… 

  • ✅ Regain your vitality, sex drive and endurance way beyond the very best days of your youth…

No matter if you’re 40, 70, or 80 years old, no matter how long you’ve been suffering from prostate enlargement or what your medical condition is.

Get ready to start waking up refreshed and full of energy, peeing like a racehorse and enjoying the strength and libido of a young man, adding years of good sex, restful sleep and unlimited freedom to your life.

And it all starts with understanding this one question:

Why do we pee?

Why does our body choose to do this in the first place?

There’s a very simple reason - your body needs to eliminate toxins that have accumulated and get them out of your body where they can’t do any harm.

What is happening when your body always feels the urge to pee?

I formed the assumption that, in the case of BPH, the body can’t stop peeing because it is desperately trying to eliminate something that it considers to be toxic.

Was there something toxic in the bodies of so many men, no matter their age, genetics, or medical conditions? 

And if so, where did it come from?

Was it something external, may be an environmental factor?.. 

So, I started digging deeper, looking over maps showing the incidence rates of BPH in America.

What I found after a few days, filled me with anger and despair.

Listen, what I’m about to show you in the next seconds might make you fuming mad, not going to lie to you. However, what I want you to keep in mind is that there is a way out.

Here it is:

If you were to look over a map showing the incidence rates of BPH and prostate cancer in America and compare it to maps that show environmental factors - like pollution, soil, and water- you’ll see a very interesting but at the same time infuriating “match”: 

The BPH incidence rate map…

Matches with the water hardness map:

As it turns out, the answer is in the water. Or in the tap water, to be more precise.

Harvard was one of the first publications that sounded the alarm….

In America, the hard water is filled with solid microscopic matter, like calcium carbonate. 

This solid microscopic matter from the water or “mineral buildup” sticks to the walls of your bladder and all around your urinary system, just like limestone sticks to pipes. 

In time, it builds up, creating a constant pressure, coating your prostate and making it larger. 

The prostate becomes engorged with this mineral buildup and makes you pee more, in a desperate attempt to flush them out. 

More and more honest and brave independent researchers are doing their best gathering data about how the quality of water is directly related to BPH incidence rate…

But their good intentions come with a high risk to their careers…

Government officials are trying to shroud information because the effects of citizens learning about this type of research could put many districts in severe financial distress.It would lead to elected officials being held accountable, something they desperately want to avoid.

It would also cost around $92 billion to repair water infrastructure in the northeast of the US… $147 million for the Midwest, and no less than $204 billion in the south, according to water works experts with first hand knowledge of the extent of the problem.

But the latest surveys have demonstrated that 44% - that is almost half of Americans - have improper tap water caused by poor and aging water pipe infrastructure. This water is not filtered sufficiently, which leads it to be full of microscopic matter and even parasites. 

The natural reaction when you have to frequently urinate is to abstain from it: this is bad because the longer the calcium-filled pee stays in the bladder, the longer it has time to go to work and make its deposits. 

In fact, you can see for yourself with the following test:

Pour tap water into a transparent glass or bottle and leave it for a couple of days.

If you see a white substance on its walls, then imagine how much gunk and mineral deposits clog your urinary system for years on end. 

Or maybe you think drinking more water could help you keep things moving: this is also bad because the more you drink, the more calcium enters the body and gets sifted through, coating the walls of your bladder. 

Next thing you know, your prostate becomes even more enlarged because of the body’s natural inflammatory reaction. As such, it’s pressing even stronger on the bladder, squeezing out the liquid, and retaining even more calcium. 

The more time passes, the more toxins and mineral buildup pile up, which is why BPH appears at an older age, even though some men are “lucky” enough to get it earlier, like in their 30s. 

You might say: but I do not live in an area with hard water!

Unfortunately, even though you do not live in an area with very old infrastructure, everything is linked, just like rivers and oceans are, and a part of the water that is not filtered correctly will still run through your pipes at one point or another.

Maybe you won’t get serious prostate problems at 50 but there is a risk at 60 or 65. 

After reading through all the studies, experiments, and reports, the solution finally came to me: 

Find something that would clear the mineral coating off my prostate and urinary tract and flush out all the mineral buildup from my system. 

How was I going to do that? I had no clue…

But Pharmaceutical researchers at the University of Florida say there are a few particular species of seaweed that help protect various organs from chronic disease and fight prostate growth efficiently…  

Japanese men eat it all the time and in the 19th century was commonly used as a water softener, in order to purify it from hard minerals!

Maybe these Japanese seaweeds could do the trick… 

It turns out that each one is its own super food, capable of creating the perfect blend for protecting your prostate!

With a little trial and error and years of developing the perfect mixture of 100% all-natural and unique ingredients, the ultimate mixture that’s been clinically proven to support the health of your prostate and urinary system is finally here!

Nori Yaki Extract Powder

  • Supports prostate repair
  • Maintains healthy urinary system

Wakame Extract

  • Supports normal function of the bladder
  • Strong antibacterial properties

Kelp Powder

  • Keeps the system toxin-free
  • Supports a strong urine flow

Bladderwrack Powder

  • Strengthens prostate cells
  • Supports healthy libido levels

Saw Palmetto

  • Kidney supporting properties
  • Strong antimicrobial

Pomegranate Extract

  • Maintains healthy blood flow
  • Supports testosterone levels


  • Supports the urinary tract
  • Maintains healthy prostate function


  • Strong antioxidant benefits
  • Sleep supporting properties


  • Strong antioxidant benefits
  • Sleep supporting properties

+Nothing Else

No additives. No fillers. Ever.

Just mix these ingredients together and voila, you’ve got a prostate concoction you can drink every morning!

Luckily for you, this mixture can be broken down and synthesized into a distilled liquid, giving you the full potency and making it easy to consume and take with you wherever you go.

You can pour it directly into your mouth or put it in your morning tea, coffee, juice, or in any beverage you want. 

I admit: the taste is not the best, so I just put it in my morning juice.

But I knew all too well that it’s because of the purity and combination of strong seaweed. And if it worked… I could care less. 

After the first few days, I didn’t really feel much different and I was a bit discouraged. (Not going to lie.)

But soon enough, when I woke up one morning, I could feel something had clearly changed.

My bladder didn’t hurt anymore and even 4 or 5 hours could pass without me feeling any pressure!

Slowly but surely, it got better and better, a step at a time. It kept progressing until I started going to the bathroom once before bed and once more after a restful night of sleep.

I couldn’t believe I was finally sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed and full of energy!

My wife couldn’t be happier: we were all over each other once again, spending long, intense hours in the bedroom… It was like my ED and BPH never existed.

Doctors could not believe their eyes; they saw me as an unexplainable miracle.

How could someone go from a bulging bladder and inability to pee by himself to a 100% fully functional prostate in such a short amount of time?

But the miracles were just starting; we asked more men to test our formula, just to make sure it truly works. 

These men were the fathers, grandfathers or friends of the very students who helped me create it. We were overwhelmed by all the messages we got: men who weren’t able to pee properly in over a decade were now telling us how healthy and strong they’re feeling. 

Others were thanking their lucky stars because they no longer had to deal with painful kidney stones, while others even claimed they canceled their surgeries because they didn’t need them anymore.

Since each daily report coming in exceeded even my wildest dreams, it was clear that I couldn't keep this life-changing treatment all to myself.

I mean, how could I soundly sleep at night knowing that another man risks becoming dependent on catheters or diapers or risks facing deadly kidney infections?

I had to make it available to as many men as possible.

We called this advanced and unique dropper:


The only 100% natural scientist-formulated health solution that addresses the root cause of enlarged prostate:

The solid microscopic matter and toxic mineral buildup from hard water!

Just take one full dropper per day in the morning. 

You can pour it directly into your mouth or put it into your tea, coffee, juice or any other beverage you enjoy. 

Just shake the bottle well first, so the ingredients can combine into an extra potent mix!

Prostadine gathers 9 scientifically proven, extra-strong ingredients that clear inflammation and flush out all the toxic mineral buildup from your system. Iodine and the 4 iodine-rich star-seaweed in Prostadine are most efficient and bioavailable in their liquid form, which is why the dropper brings such impressive results.

Every dropper is manufactured in the USA, in our FDA approved and GMP certified facility, under sterile, strict and precise standards. We are regularly disinfecting the equipment used to process the ingredients and package our bottles.

Prostadine is non-GMO and safe to use. 

It does not contain any dangerous stimulants or toxins, and it’s not habit-forming.

Since its release, Prostadine has provided relief for more than 160,000 men.

People like…

Benjamin M. from San Francisco, California

“My prostate issues were getting worse by the day, and I was terrified that I would soon have to wear diapers. I was incredibly relieved when I realized there’s a solution that can actually do wonders for me. I mean… From having to pee 25 times per day to just 5 or 6 times… not so bad, no?”

Like  Reply  Message  1w
Robert Kensey from El Paso, Texas

“You have all my respect and appreciation, Jeremy! I have full control of my bladder and no more kidney stones. I don’t remember having this much energy since I was in my 20’s.”
Like  Reply  Message  9w
Lucas Senior from Reno, Nevada

“In my case, it felt like I drew the shortest straw when it came to prostatitis. Not only was my libido at an all time low, but I also used to get pain and flair ups when I finally managed to get intimate with my wife. Just a couple of months after finding out about this solution I am back in the game. And I’m sure my wife would agree it’s better than ever!”
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By now, I'm guessing that you're probably ready to try this state of art solution for yourself. 

And you should be. Because Prostadine is the first scientifically-backed dropper that allows you to shrink your prostate and gain control over your bladder ultra- fast!

So, with all that in mind, don’t pass up your chance to get your own stockpile of Prostadine…  








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Your order today is covered by our iron-clad 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not impressed with the results, then at any time in the next 60 days write to us and we’ll refund every single cent.

With Prostadine, you’re always guaranteed a premium, state-of-the-art product that is clinically tested and proven to work.

We’ve never spared any expense when it came to formulating it, especially since there are only a couple of laboratories in the world that can work with algae, iodine, and shilajit with such precision and care that they keep their properties intact so they can do their job, clear every trace of toxic mineral buildup and dissolve the limestone-like coating that’s causing pressure on your bladder…

The bottom line is… quality like this doesn't come cheap.

However, when you compare the price of Prostadine with tens of formulations containing outdated, generic formulas that are barely help…

And given the lack of real solutions for BPH, urinary tract, and kidney infections, we could easily offer this at a very high price. 

And considering the results, our customers have seen without having to go through any embarrassing and uncomfortable rectal exams or expensive surgeries …most of them said they would pay it without even blinking.

Think about it: how much would you be willing to invest to pee like a firehose whenever you need and enjoy the strength, energy, and libido of your young self, every single day…

Or how much would you be willing to invest to never have to run to the toilet all the time or be at risk of urinary tract infections…

And best of all, never ever have to fear that you might end up leaking in front of everyone or wear diapers.

What would you be willing to spend if you were absolutely, positively sure this formula would do wonders for you?

$300? $500? $700?

That's why my team and I have worked tirelessly to get this into your hands… 

Even though I’ll have to raise the price to $99 for one bottle of Prostadine soon – considering the prices of the ingredients are rising due to the fact that the supply chains are very fragile nowadays and energy prices are going up  - and even though $99 for one bottle is surely a lot less than a visit to the urologist….

Today, only on this website and nowhere else, you can get your very own 30-day supply of Prostadine…

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Our customers say

based on 19,651 reviews!



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$49/ bottle

TOTAL: $594 $294



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TOTAL: $297 $177



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I can't wait for you to read them… 

I want you to be completely satisfied. 

So, once you invest in three or six bottles of Prostadine, we'll also give you the two bonus online guides worth $148, absolutely free. 

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We do not sell on Amazon or any other website. The only place where you can order this prostate healing protecting formula is right on this page and the page will only be up for as long as we have remaining stock. 

If you’re skeptical, we totally understand. You’ve tried a lot of methods, you’ve spent a lot of money, and you’ve gone through so much pain and nothing worked… Yet.

I am so confident that Prostadine works that I will give you…

Our ironclad 60-day, money-back guarantee

100% Satisfaction
60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your order today is covered by our iron-clad 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not impressed with the results, then at any time in the next 60 days write to us and we’ll refund every single cent.

If you don’t experience any dramatic improvement or you’re not content for any reason whatsoever, we will promptly issue a full, hassle-free refund.

All you need to do is contact us within the first 60 days of your purchase. You can even send back the empty bottles, and we'll still refund your money. 

Just get in touch with our friendly customer support staff, and they’ll be happy to assist you. 

The contact information is right on the bottle.  

This means you have 2 whole months to decide if Prostadine is for you or not. 

Your order today is a one-time payment with no subscription or hidden charges.

I can’t wait for you to experience every single benefit that Prostadine has to offer!

Still here? 


I wanted to take a second and answer the most common questions I get about Prostadine.

I just want to make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your decision to order today.

Frequent Questions

How and why does Prostadine work?

In the case of BPH, the body can’t stop peeing because it is desperately trying to eliminate something that it considers to be toxic.

Upon a close look, scientists have realized the answer lies in the water: in America, the hard water is filled with solid microscopic matter, like calcium carbonate. 

The prostate becomes enlarged because it fills up with too much calcium carbonate and, over time, limestone-like deposits form all around your urinary system. 

The prostate becomes engorged with this mineral buildup and makes you pee more, in a desperate attempt to flush it out.

Prostadine is a scientist-formulated mix that gathers 9 scientifically proven, extra-strong ingredients into one unique dropper that targets the root cause of prostate enlargement and urinary tract infections, clearing and flushing out the mineral buildup from your system.

Prostadine has been proven by the experience of over 160,000 satisfied customers, like Sam J.T., from Seattle, Washington who said: “I am so grateful this product exists, my life is so much easier, I finally feel like myself again!”, or Bob S., from Modesto, California who wrote to us “I’m a widower and thanks to your formula, I can finally start socializing and dating again. Not tied up to the toilet anymore. Good job, Jeremy!”.

Of course, the only definitive way to know for sure how well it can work for you is to try it today, using the special, no-risk offer that you can find only on this page.

Are there any side effects?

Prostadine has been designed for all ages and medical conditions.

All of the ingredients inside of Prostadine have been proven to be safe in clinical trials and are constantly tested for purity and to ensure against toxins and contaminants. Moreover, Prostadine is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, under sterile, strict, and precise standards. 

With more than 160,000 customers, we haven’t seen any notable side effects. So, we’re confident in saying that Prostadine is one of the purest prostate formulas you’ll find on the market.  

As always, if you currently have a medical condition or you’re taking other prescription medication, we advise you to show a bottle of Prostadine to your doctor before you take it, just to put your mind at ease.

When and how should I take Prostadine?

We recommend you take one full dropper per day in the morning. You can pour it directly into your mouth or put it into your tea, coffee, juice, or any other beverage you enjoy. Just shake the bottle well first, so the ingredients can combine into an extra potent mix!

What if it doesn’t work for me? Can you tell me about the guarantee again?

The more results we see, the stronger we believe Prostadine has the power to completely transform the health of your prostate and urinary system. It’s true, though, that nothing works for 100% of the people who try it as each body works in its own way.

That’s why every bottle of Prostadine comes with an ironclad 60-day money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you aren’t fully satisfied with the results, you can just return what you haven't used for a full, no question asked refund.

How can I get started?

It’s very easy! Just click the button below now to go to our secure order checkout page, enter in your information, and we’ll immediately get to work shipping Prostadine right to your doorstep.

So, all you have to do today is click below.


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Frequent Questions